Identity Of A Wealth Builder


The key to financial independence is simple – spend less than you earn and invest the balance! But why don’t we do it? The reason is because we are emotional human beings who don’t consistently do the basics which will guarantee financial success. Wealth building is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. It’s about getting the mind-set right first so the bank account balance can follow.

In this 1 hour audio program, Ian Stephens, Australia’s #1 Peak Performance Coach, equips you with a series of models and practical ‘How-to’s’ in understanding and duplicating the mind-sets which guide and shape the thinking and behaviours of wealth builders.

Learn about:

  • A model for understanding human behaviour and why we do what we do with money
  • How to re-wire you limiting beliefs about finance which drive your current results
  • The 5 reasons people don’t have more wealth
  • The tips and suggestions of a leading ‘Wealth Creation Coach/Financial Adviser’

About Ian Stephens

Ian is a speaker, trainer and author with a passion for the practical. A specialist in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ian’s focus is on the psychology of success in all walks of life.

About Colin Archard

Colin Archard is Managing Director and also a long serving Financial Adviser at Henderson Matusch.