Chris Kadri

Financial Adviser

Chris has 12 years experience in financial services with combined experience as an Accountant. He holds a Bachelor of Business (BusAdmin), Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and is an accredited adviser for Margin Lending.

Chris Kadri | Financial Adviser | Henderson Matusch

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Chris on Having Money

‘Having money’ is all about demystifying the world of finance and arming you with the tools you need to make well informed decisions. It’s not necessarily about how much you have… but about what you do with it. By setting achievable spending plans and monitoring performance against them, you have a framework within which you can make more sophisticated choices. I believe in coaching people about the key drivers to achieving financial success, without encroaching on their personal lifestyle, and in establishing a sound financial structure to enable the benefits to compound, providing even greater lifestyle choices. Getting your financial strategy right, and implementing automatic disciplines to keep you on track, means you can take control of your financial situation and lay the foundations for a great future.