Jaklyn Stephan

Financial Adviser

Jaklyn has extensive and varied experience within financial services. Since 2011, her industry experience includes financial planning, operations management and business analyst roles.  In all roles she has prided herself on working with clients to meet their needs.  Her work experience is supported by academic qualifications which include a Diploma of Financial Planning and a Bachelors of Psychological Science.

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Jaklyn on Having Money

‘Having money’ is a concept everyone considers and values in their own unique way. Typically, it is not the ultimate focus, but is in fact the facilitator for us to identify and determine our real motivators in life. The goal isn’t necessarily to see an account balance with ‘x’ amount of money in it, but to utilise funds in a productive way that lead us toward achieving and experiencing our true goals and aspirations; paying off our home, getting to travel the world, the freedom to dial back hours at work and spend more time with family, to afford ongoing care for an aging relative, contributing to a child’s education or wedding (or both!), the list goes on. This is where your Financial Planner can help. We recognise the importance of establishing solid foundations for a strong financial plan, in addition to implementing ongoing reviews which keep you informed and on track to achieve your goals and aspirations, all whilst providing a sense of comfort and security throughout your financial journey.