Simone Richardson

Financial Adviser

Simone started working in the Financial Services industry in 1997 and has worked in an advisory capacity since 1999. Joining Henderson Matusch in 2004, Simone thoroughly enjoys working with people to help them get ahead financially and achieve their goals. Simone holds a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities), Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Broking Management), is an acredited adviser for Margin Lending and is a Commissioner of Declarations.

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Simone on Having Money

A money management partnership provides a solid foundation that allows you to embrace life’s challenges: incorporate change, seize opportunities and achieve your personal and financial goals. With this support, you gain peace of mind and confidence to enjoy what is important to you - lifestyle, family, friends - without compromising your longer term goals. Often, people think they need to have money before they seek advice, but on the contrary, the important thing is that it’s not what you earn but what you do with what you earn that makes the difference. ‘Having Money’ gives you freedom and choice to enjoy your life dreams and ambitions - generating significant improvement not only to your own lifestyle but also for your loved ones.”