Stephanie Farmer

Financial Adviser

Steph started working in the financial planning industry in 2007 and joined Henderson Matusch in 2009. She holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and is currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning. In addition to this she is a Commissioner for Declarations and an accredited adviser for Margin Lending.

Steph Farmer

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Steph on Having Money

“Having Money” is about freedom of choice. The ability to incorporate goals that are important to you and your family now whilst still maintaining your desired lifestyle and providing wealth for your future. We all work hard and financial stress is such a common issue in this day and age; we all get too busy in our day to day life and time is not on our side. This is where Henderson Matusch help - by simply managing your money better and incorporating a flexible strategy tailored to achieve your goals and aspirations. Partnering with Henderson Matusch ensures you receive financial education to make informed decisions, peace of mind and financial security which in time does not limit your choices in the future. This alleviates the financial burden which leaves more time to enjoy life’s precious moments.