Investment advice

Custom strategies to help you build your future

One thing we’ve seen again and again across our 14 years of providing investment advice, is that it’s amazing how much so-called ‘average Aussies’ can achieve.

In fact, we strongly believe almost anyone can be a successful investor with the right investment strategy, time, and a little help from HM.

We help people like you who understand you have a choice between a good today, and a great tomorrow.

How we help you get started with investing

Many people get started with investing because they think “they have to”, or because they’ve seen other people invest. At Henderson Matusch, we work differently.

Before we begin working with you we’ll ask, “What do you want to achieve in life?” and “What are your goals?”

Having this important conversation helps you (and us) to understand the bigger picture of what you want to achieve. It helps define how much you’ll need to invest, and also how exactly you can manage your money to make an investment that works with your overall goals.

Another important phase is taking you through an education process to help you (and us,) to know and understand your attitude towards risk (known as your risk profile). This is a key factor when we’re deciding how to invest your hard-earned money.

Independent investment advice from an expert team

At Henderson Matusch we don’t own a stable of investment products. That means we’re not conflicted by such ownership when we’re designing and recommending an investment solution for you.

With HM you’ll always be able to see the firm path that lies ahead for your investments. You’ll have a sense of control and confidence in the direction your investments are taking.

We’ll carry out regular reviews and give you progress updates every quarter and each year. As time goes by, you’ll be able to see the “boxes being ticked” as your investment plan bears fruit.

Ultimately, all our team love teaching and explaining why and how we make the decisions we do, so that you always have a sense of confidence and control We like to think that this open, transparent approach is why so many Henderson Matusch clients speak so highly of us.

Finding the right investment strategy for your situation

One common question you may have asked yourself is, “Should I invest in property or shares?”

At Henderson Matusch, rather than locking you in to one asset class or another, we invest in managed funds. This approach makes it far easier to diversify your investments and create opportunities, without over-exposing you to a downturn in any one asset class. You’ll also benefit from expert advice from funds managers. Find out more about managed funds and why they’re so popular here.

Your recommended investment strategy is the result of our extensive research into the best available managed funds for you to invest in. We look at four qualifying criteria:

  1. Is it a high quality, blue chip investment?
  2. Does the investment have a proven track record of consistent performance (producing income and/or growth) relative to the market over time?
  3. Is it easily converted into cash, if the unexpected happens?
  4. Will it produce (preferably tax effective) income over time?

We generally recommend an investment strategy that consists of an initial lump sum investment, along with regular monthly investments over time. This approach makes the most of your increasing ability to save and invest, as a result of reducing debt (and therefore increasing savings) over time.

Providing you with ongoing support and advice

There are currently more than 5,500 managed funds in Australia, each with a number of managers who have their own individual investing style and risk parameters.

We consider these different managers closely when we’re putting together the right investment strategy for your needs. Yet our involvement doesn’t end there.

Because funds managers continually move between these funds, we never take a ‘set and forget’ approach to your investments. We keep a close eye on the performance of individual fund managers, rather than simply looking at funds. If a good manager with a proven track-record moves, we don’t let your money simply remain in their former fund.

We track the manager down to their new fund and, if appropriate, move your money to continue to benefit from their expertise.

Find out more about our investment advice today

To find out how the Henderson Matusch team can help you identify and achieve your wealth creation goals, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Just fill out the simple contact form here and we’ll be in touch.

Investment advice FAQs

When is the best time to start investing?

As the old Chinese proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago! And the second best time? Now!

Investing is just the same. Instead of being concerned about timing the market, focus on the time you spend in the market. With time on your side, over the long haul the compounding returns of a well-chosen investment will add up nicely. 

What is the difference between a managed fund and shares?

When you invest in shares, you are buying a portion of a single company. The more shares you purchase, the more direct ownership you have in that business.

Investing in managed funds is different. Your money is pooled with other investors, and then invested into a specific fund which can invest in a range of asset classes, industries and/or companies.

What’s more, the fund’s manager provides knowledge and experience, and is responsible for the investment decisions. They determine when to buy and sell, and into what companies. When deciding which approach suits you, there will be a number of factors to consider. 

In times of uncertainty, should I wait for things to get better before I invest?

From our experience trying to time investing in the markets is a very difficult exercise. Generally people lose more than those who simply invest and stay the course.

Our clients are generally investing regularly, an approach which avoids the risks of timing and works on the approach of ‘dollar cost averaging’ and time in the market, not timing the market. As a long term investor this approach works very well – and the sooner you start, the sooner you get to your financial goals.

How does borrowing to invest save tax?

The ATO allows you to claim a deduction for the expenses you incur in earning income from an investment.

This means that if you borrow money from a lender for the purpose of investing, the interest cost on those borrowings can be considered to be an expense incurred in generating income – and therefore can potentially be claimed as a tax deduction.

You save on tax, because the deductible expenses incurred reduce what your original tax payable would have otherwise been.

We are here to help

We make it easy for you to get started with a plan to secure your financial future. We also help to monitor your progress monthly, which helps motivate you and keep you on track for success.