Wealth creation

The advice, strategies, and partnerships you need to secure your future

The process of creating wealth to achieve goals doesn’t have to be complicated.

All you need is self-discipline and a good level of financial literacy, along with a comprehensive understanding of your current financial position, a clear idea of your long-term goals, and a realistic plan to achieve them.

It’s then just a matter of closely monitoring your financial plan to ensure its ongoing effectiveness, as well as having a fall-back position for when life throws its inevitable unknowns into your path.

Like we said… it’s not complicated.

Yet if you’re thinking that’s all a little much for one or two people to handle, well… we agree with you.

That’s why at Henderson Matusch, we’ve made it our mission to assist everyday Australians to create wealth for themselves, by providing the resources, education, and partnerships they need to achieve success.

Our four step strategy to wealth creation

While you might think that a “DIY approach” to wealth creation is all you need, in our experience we find that many people can benefit greatly from having a professional team on their side to help them create wealth.

By having expert financial advisers as an extra set of eyes, you can get a fresh perspective on your current situation, and experienced input on the best way forward for you.

Over our decades of helping Australians create wealth and achieve goals, we’ve refined this process into a four stage journey that equips you with the skills and understanding you need to reach your financial goals.


1) Self-discovery – getting a true picture of your financial situation

When you start out on your wealth creation journey, it’s quite possible you won’t have an accurate idea of your current situation or your goals – and therefore, the best way to get there. That’s why we begin the wealth creation process with a “self-discovery” stage where together you and we get the full picture of your finances.

Henderson Matusch’s financial advisers will invest the time that’s needed to really understand your situation. We’ll talk about the areas you feel you may need help with, and take the emotion out of the equation by looking objectively at where you are, where you want to be, and what barriers are currently holding you back from getting there.

During this initial self-discovery stage, we’ll also look at:

  • Your current situation
  • What you really want from life (your goals)
  • What gaps might exist, and why
  • Whether there are any habits or attitudes that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

For example, some people believe that investing in shares is too risky or unachievable for them. In fact, this is can often be a reliable and even essential tactic for wealth creation.

With the self-discovery phase complete, you’ll be in a great position to know where you’re at and what you really want from life.

2) Gaining clarity – discovering what’s really important to you

When you’re looking into your financial future, there are so many potential goals and needs ahead of you that it can easily become all too hard.

That’s why this stage is designed to help guide your thinking as you sort through all the myriad of wealth creation options that are available to you, to prioritise them and ultimately, help you to make them a reality.

A conversation with an experienced wealth creation expert can help you clarify and prioritise your life goals, and give you the direction, focus, and motivation you need to achieve them.

If you’re undergoing this process together with your partner, at this point it can be very valuable to work together on identifying your common goals, hopes, and aspirations for your financial future.

Importantly, the Henderson Matusch team can help determine the timing and financial costs of your goals, so that you can see a realistic picture of your options.

3) Providing insight – helping you to get where you want to be

Now that we’ve gotten to know each other, it’s time to think about which tactics and ‘weapons’ in our arsenal we can bring to bear on your financial situation.

Henderson Matusch’s financial advisers are highly experienced in recommending the right systems and strategies to help you meet your particular wealth creation goals.

Importantly however, we won’t railroad you into taking a path you don’t feel completely comfortable with. We see our role as helping to guide you to find a wealth creation plan that works for you.

Ultimately, you need to take ownership of your wealth creation plan if you’re to see it through to fruition. So we make it our focus to guide and educate you so that you understand and embrace your wealth creation solution.

4) Creating a partnership – delivering results

With the help of your wealth creation partners at Henderson Matusch, you’ll gain a new appreciation and deeper understanding of your financial situation and the choices available to you. You’ll also discover you have more control over how you grow your own wealth.

Of course, as the old saying goes, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans!” So we fully believe that a financial plan cannot simply be a matter of “set and forget”.

Unexpected joys – such as a baby, job promotion, or inheritance – as well as bumps in the road – such as redundancies, transfers, or illness – can cause deviations from even the most thorough financial plan.

We work with you to realign your financial plan, to ensure your goals remain realistic and achievable no matter what life throws your way.

As your wealth grows, we then advise you on the new strategies and means that become available to you in your new circumstances. 

Get started with wealth creation today

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Wealth creation FAQs

Do I really need professional help with wealth creation?

In our experience… yes. Expert help can be crucial in ensuring you understand your financial position; can set meaningful goals; and formulate a realistic plan to reach them.

We like to use the example of a person who’s trying to get fit. We all know someone who buys a gym membership with the firm resolve of using it regularly to meet their goal of losing weight. Yet as the weeks go by, the gym visits get more infrequent… the commitment starts to waver… and eventually, their weight loss goals are never met.

Yet if that same person chose to work with a personal trainer instead, they might have far less difficulty reaching their goal.

That’s the benefit you’ll receive from a professional financial planner and wealth creation expert.

How much money do I need to start wealth creation?

You don’t have to be wealthy to start creating wealth for yourself. In fact, many people with well above average incomes find it difficult to make ends meet. That’s because they either a) don’t have an accurate budget or spending plan, or b) don’t have the systems and processes in place to stick to their budget.

Your wealth creation process begins with understanding your current position (including your finances), having a clear picture of the future you seek to create, then putting in place a realistic pathway to get there. That includes having emergency funds available for the unknowns that life throws at us from time to time.

Just about anyone with the desire to get ahead financially, a regular income, and some assets can benefit from wealth creation strategies.

Are professional wealth creation services expensive?

Our wealth creation services are designed to be affordable. At HM, we prefer not to focus on the “big end of town”. Instead we are passionate about making a real difference for mums and dads, working families, and middle income people from all walks of life, to give them the skills and resources they need to create wealth for their future.

For this reason, we work hard to ensure our wealth creation services are affordably priced for those who can most benefit from them. To talk to us about a wealth creation package tailored to your needs, get in touch using the simple form here.

We are here to help

We make it easy for you to get started with a plan to secure your financial future. We also help to monitor your progress monthly, which helps motivate you and keep you on track for success.