Starting Out

Life in your 20’s…

When you’re starting out in your working life, every week can be a party.
In your 20’s you have fewer financial commitments, you’re starting to make decent money, and you feel like you have all the time in the world to plan your future. You might be thinking of moving overseas, or looking to buy your first home. Or perhaps you’re considering how to grow your savings, or even start investing. The earlier you start planning the better off you’ll be in the future

Having a Spending Plan

‘Budget’ doesn’t have to be a negative word. In fact, to get around this we prefer to call it your spending plan. Having a spending plan means you can ensure all of your bills are paid on time and have enough left over to live well. Like all of your assets, your income is something that needs protection in order for you to maintain your lifestyle. Henderson Matusch can teach you how to manage your tax to increase your income, manage your bills, and live a stress-free life knowing you have a solid plan in place to achieve your goals.

Learning how to create and stick to a realistic spending plan is the key to achieving financial success. Get it right now and you’ll set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy financial habits.

Having Super

Superannuation seems like a difficult subject, so for most it tends to get ignored resulting in problems later in life as it has a significant impact on retirement outcomes. Choosing the right super investments can be the difference between retiring comfortably and retiring on Struggle Street.

We can help set you up for success and make sure you get the most out of your super.

Having Fun

You have a desire to experience it all in your 20’s. A Contiki tour, buying that dream car or perhaps you just want to spend long weekends away with friends.

You’ve got fewer commitments and an endless list of things you’d like to do – we can help you make the most of it. After all, the experiences you have in your 20’s shape the person you become later in life. You’ll remember the places and the faces with a soundtrack playing in the background.

Having a Home

It’s the great Australian dream – owning a home. Along with having a place to call your own, home ownership offers a wealth of benefits. However, the road to buying your first home can be littered with confusing advice, and every home loan seems to offer “the best rate ever!”

We can take the confusion out of home loans, make sure you’re protected if you are suddenly unable to pay your mortgage, and make sure your new home journey is a happy one.

Why Henderson Matusch

We make it easy for you to get started with a plan to secure your financial future. We also help to monitor your progress monthly, which helps motivate you and keep you on track for success. Established in 2004 by financial services industry veterans, we’re big enough to be able to source a range of top financial products across Australia at competitive and in many cases, discounted prices. We’re also small enough to be able to carefully craft the most effective strategies, just for you. We measure our performance by your success and satisfaction, and we never lose sight of what’s really important – our clients